What is Andropause | Hormone Deficiency

What is Andropause?

We were surprised recently to learn how many men suffer from andropause but have no idea what it is, what causes it, and what to do about it. Do these sound familiar:

  • A general feeling of being tired all the time,
  • Losing that awesome “hard body” feel you had as a younger man,
  • Growing a spare tire and having love handles,
  • Forgetting the names of important contacts,
  • Having little interest in sex, and even less ability to perform,
  • Having an ongoing love affair with your couch and remote control,
  • Really dragging when it comes to activities with your children and grandkids.

These are some of the most common symptoms of Low Testosterone and a general hormone deficiency.

First, men ask us, “how did I get here?”

Good question!

Every time you forego a good night’s sleep and give in to the pressures of work and life, you put a nail in your testosterone coffin.

Every time you opt for fast food or convenience food, that’s another nail.

Every time you give in to your lethargy and skip your date with the gym, you take another shot at your endocrine system and slow your testosterone production a little bit more.

So, the next question, naturally, is “What do I do about it?”

It would make sense to simply reverse those causes mentioned above and think that should do the trick, but that usually doesn’t work.  Once the downward spiral has begun, it is unbelievably difficult to stop the cycle.

It is a truly rare man who is able to pull himself up by his bootstraps and do an about-face. However, with a little help, it is not only possible – but entirely likely – to see some really positive changes in your health and lifestyle. Doctor prescribed testosterone injections provide the proverbial shot-in-the-arm needed to turn this decline around and begin to feel healthy again.

With a qualified adviser to coach you through the proper use of the medication combined with good nutritional choices and a productive workout plan, it is possible to feel like the clock is turning backwards. Feel younger and stronger, and most importantly, reclaim your relationships and feel like a man again.