What is Testosterone? A Simple Explanation

This most important male hormone causes all the characteristics associated with being a man. It is responsible for sexual and reproductive development. It also sparks the development of body and facial hair. It influences the voice causing it to go lower as a man leaves adolescence and enters adulthood.

Testosterone belongs to a class of hormones commonly called androgens, so when its production slows down as a man passes 30 and enters his 40s and 50s, this is referred to as “Andropause.” Androgens are also known as steroids or anabolic steroids. Having a healthy level of this hormone means the difference between good health and really suffering.

Only a qualified testosterone doctor can tell you if your level is normal or low, however, if you are suffering from some of the more common symptoms, then a blood test should be schedules as soon as possible to determine the severity of your conditions.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Our clients tell us that the following are some of the symptoms of low testosterone which frequently appear:

Reduced sex drive

Erectile dysfunction

Increased breast tissue

Lowered sperm count



Inability to concentrate

Testes get smaller and softer

Loss of muscle mass

Sleep disturbances

Increase of stored fat

Hair loss

Bones become brittle



A laboratory blood test is required to determine if the cause of these symptoms is Low T. There are times when other issues can cause similar problems. Thyroid issues, diabetes, or medication side effects can also cause some of these symptoms, and that is why an experienced doctor is needed to evaluate your blood test results. This test will determine the amount of total testosterone and the free testosterone circulating in the body and available for use.

How to Get Doctor Prescribed Testosterone Injections

There are three parts to being evaluated for Low T and getting doctor prescribed testosterone injections:

  1. Get a blood test at a local lab near your home or office.shutterstock_246297385

  2. Have a physical exam with a doctor of your choice. If you’ve had a recent physical, we can often use this for your evaluation.

  3. Complete the medical history questionnaire on the Forms page of this website.

With a full service low testosterone therapy provider like Aging Well System, you can ask any and all questions and get complete and honest answers. We focus solely on testosterone replacement therapy (along with human growth hormone deficiency), so you can be sure that the information you receive is accurate. Family doctors and general practitioners simply do not have the time to delve into one specialty like we do.

Our clinic offers:

     * Brand name Depo Testosterone
     * Generic Watson Testosterone
     * Compounded Testosterone

This last option can be prepared in any dosage strength recommended by our physician, and it is often available at a lower cost.

Cost of Testosterone Injections

There are several factors which will affect the cost of your testosterone therapy. These decisions will be made by both you and our doctor and concern the brand of medication you use, and the dosage which the doctor prescribes.

Your Low T program will include testosterone injections, HCG injections, anastrozole capsules, all necessary supplies (syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, and sharps container) and shipping. We include these additional medications in order to be sure that your testosterone therapy is as safe and effective as possible. The HCG will help your body maintain its own testosterone production. The anastrozole will help prevent any excess testosterone from being converted into estrogen, which could lead to unwanted side effects.

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Pros and Cons of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Weigh the advantages of dealing with your Low T once and for all against the debilitating effects of continuing to suffer. Consider once again having the energy level you had in your twenties. What would it be worth to have the stamina and sex drive you had back then? How productive would you be at work if you once again had a sharp mind and ability to focus and remember details?

All medical programs carry a certain risk of side effects, however, with the best testosterone doctors, it is possible to minimize any possible risks. Your personal advisor will discuss any questions and explain the exact procedures for taking your injections in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Make that call and put an end to Low T and the symptoms of andropause once and for all.


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