What is HGH? A Guide to Human Growth Hormone Treatment     shutterstock_250083217

The pituitary gland is located deep in the base of the brain, and it is considered the master gland in the endocrine system. It secretes the most important substance in the human body: growth hormone. During the development years, this will help you grow to your full adult height, and it will also spur each of the organs to mature and function correctly.

Once the growing years have passed, growth hormone is still important to the body because each of the cells is constantly dying off and being replaced. Without sufficient growth hormone, organs such as the skin, heart, brain, kidneys and liver will fail to work as they should.

Symptoms of a low growth hormone level include:

Weight Gain

Low Energy

Decreased Bone Density

Thin, dry and wrinkled skin

Poor concentration

Sensitivity to heat and cold

Insulin Resistance

Unable to exercise

Anxiety or depression

Decreased muscle mass

High Cholesterol

Slow metabolism

Elevated triglycerides

Lack of sexual interest

Hair loss

We are often asked for a guide to treatment options for our human growth hormone programs. The only effective means of increasing your human growth hormone level is by injections prescribed by a doctor for your specific physical circumstances.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

The positive results of HGH therapy affect every part of your life: physical, mental and emotional. Many of our clients choose a complete evaluation to find out if there are other problems. A testosterone deficiency could also be present. Our doctors may prescribe testosterone and human growth hormone together since the synergistic effects provide even more positive benefits.

When you take HGH injection therapy, the actual benefits to your body make up a very long list:

Decreased fat

Increased muscle mass

Improved energy

More stable emotions

Reduced social isolation

Improves skin and hair tone

Fewer doctor/hospital visits

Decreased sick days

Increased leisure time activities

Greater exercise capacity

Improved respiratory function

Sharper mental activity

Improved sleep quality

Better cardiac functions

Increased bone mineral density

Stronger immune system

Lowers blood pressure

Improves sexual function

Remember, real HGH is always taken by injection. Even though you might see human growth hormone sprays and pills advertised on the Internet, those are not the real medication and are completely ineffective. A doctor’s prescription is always required, and we’ll discuss that more fully in the next section.

How to Get Doctor Prescribed HGH Injections


Here are the three simple steps to get doctor prescribed HGH injections:

  1. Contact our office to schedule laboratory blood tests at a facility convenient to your home or office. These can usually be done within a day or two in the early morning.

  2. Contact your local physician for a physical exam if you have not had one recently. Our doctors require this information in order to determine your overall state of health and to be sure that the HGH program will be safe for you.

  3. Complete the medical history form on our Forms Page to provide our doctor with a complete picture of your current condition and list of symptoms you are experiencing.

During your blood test, the IGF-1 level in your blood will be checked. Insulin-like growth factor-1 is released by the liver in response to the presence of growth hormone in the body. Its value remains rather stable throughout the day and can be measured easily. Growth hormone is released in pulses, and accurate measurement is hard to achieve.

The best doctor to consult for a prescription is one who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. The scope of health care and medicine is so broad that many general practitioners and family doctors do not address issues with growth hormone deficiencies. When they do, their approach tends to be very conservative. A return to robust health requires a doctor experienced with the effects of advanced HGH treatment programs.

Typical Blood Test Results

Men Women
At 40: 69-226 ng/mL At 40: 68-225 ng/mL
At 60: 51-194 ng/mL At 60: 45-173 ng/mL

Cost of HGH Therapy

Increasing your human growth hormone is one of the most important things you can do to restore good health. The cost of HGH therapy is based on several factors:

  • Brand of human growth hormone

  • Dosage of each injection

  • Frequency of injections

  • Type of injection device

  • Special features of injection device

Our doctors prescribe medication from the top name brand manufacturers in the US. It is important to know that there is no generic or compounded human growth hormone. During your free consultation with our advisor, we can discuss your individual lifestyle and see which features will be useful for you. This will enable us to discuss the cost range for HGH injections.

Here’s an important word of caution … Imported growth hormone which does not come through a federally regulated US pharmacy should always be avoided. Any clinic which offers treatment without first requiring a blood test to determine the presence of a growth hormone deficiency should be avoided, as well.

Pros and Cons of Human Growth Hormone Therapy

When considering the pros and cons of HGH therapy, it is crucial to also consider the cost of living with a growth hormone deficiency. The symptoms associated with low levels of this vital hormone affect every part of life.


How many of the following statements apply to you?

  I feel bad about my appearance, and it affects my work and personal life.
  I am tired all the time and have a hard time finishing what I start.
  I plan to exercise, but I rarely do.
  I had health warning signs at my last doctor’s check up.
  I have aching joints and muscles most of the time.
  I would rather stay home than go out with friends.
  I sometimes forget the names of people I know well.
  I am less effective at work because I look older than I am.
  I catch every bug that goes around – my immune system stinks.
  I rarely sleep well, and I usually wake up tired.
  I hate looking in the mirror and seeing my wrinkled skin and limp hair.

Do not waste money on pills, sprays, sublingual, homeopathic, or cream applications of human growth hormone. They are totally ineffective. Most of these products have been removed from store shelves by federal authorities. Others have required significant relabeling to avoid misrepresentation. These are nothing more than vitamins and supplements which may or may not provide any health benefit at all.

It has been our experience, both personally and with each of our clients, that the cost of HGH therapy is small compared to the benefits it provides. Take an honest assessment of the price you pay every day for suffering with the symptoms of low growth hormone levels. Then call us for a free consultation.