Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Look Great

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Look Great

The positive effects of good night’s sleep on your appearance and well being are almost immeasurable. Your body needs real sleep to recharge itself and run at its maximum every day. Here’s a few tips to help you get a good nights rest…

The last thing you need at bedtime or at a time close to it, is a stimulant. Stimulants include caffeine which is commonly found in most coffee,soda pop, and chocolate candy. Drink or eat these caffeinated foodstuffs only in the daytime or in the early evening hours as long as your bedtime is a few hours away.

Try drinking a glass of milk before you go to bed. Believe it or not, milk does really have a soothing effect on some people, and may help produce sweet dreams for you tonight. (And no, it doesn’t have to be warm to be effective, but you can heat it up if you want to.)

Is your bed mattress comfortable? How about your pillow? Lay down on your bed and pillow and give them an honest self-test. Is your mattress actually too hard or soft for your body? If you share your bed with a partner, are you sleeping on a mattress that’s too soft because they prefer it? If that’s the case,you can easily remedy the situation by measuring half of the bed. Then, get a piece of plywood the exact size of the measurements you took. Simply slide the plywood underneath your side of the bed, and presto! Your side of the bed is firmer, while your mate’s side is still as soft as he or she prefers it.

What about the rest of your bedroom? Is it conducive to getting a good night’s sleep? A bedroom setting should be peaceful and quiet. If traffic noise or other outside noise disturbs you, you might try turning a fan on. This will help drown out unwanted noise and commotion that might keep you from sleeping soundly. You can also try turning a radio on with a timer that you can program. It will play for a specified period of time while you relax your mind and body. (Naturally, you should tune in a station that plays a relaxing type of music.) If you don’t mind investing the money, you can buy a machine that creates “white noise.” This machine drowns out all other noise so that you can fall asleep undisturbed. Is your bedroom dark enough? Do street lights stream through the windows and interfere with your sleep? If this is a problem, purchase window shades or blinds or heavy drapes and install them in all of the windows. On the other hand, is it too dark in your bedroom? Some people would rather have a little light in their bedroom, and for these “light” sleepers, a nightlight or small lamp is the perfect solution.

Is your mind full of worries and concerns? Try this simple excercise: pretend that your mind is a chalk board. Every time a worrisome thought enters your mind, pretend that it is written on the chalk board, and immediately erase it. Keep erasing these thoughts as they pop up and refuse to think about them until tomorrow. Bedtime is no time to worry about things that can’t be resolved in the middle of the night.

Give these suggestions a try and good night!